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Frauscher Boats

As the most innovative family-run boatyard in Europe, time and again their premium motorboats, electric boats and yachts set new standards in international boat building. Fauscher have been on course towards the future since 1927 – with the courage to discover new territory.

Every masterpiece that leaves their factory takes the Frauscher spirit to the wider world and showcases their vaules: outstanding design, unparalleled dynamic styling, high-quality materials, new technologies, highest comfort and of course traditional craftsmanship – all made in Austria!In 2012 Frauscher opened its fully owned test center in the Philippe Starck designed Port Adriano 30 minutes from Palma de Mallorca. Anyone interested can marvel at a range of Frauscher models and prospective clients can schedule a test drive with one of our sales representatives to experience the performance and seaworthiness of our boats.

Frauscher distributors from around the globe also visit Frauscher Espana to learn about new models and innovations and present them to their clients in a relaxed Mediterranean setting.

Engineers of emotions

Boat owners want to have a good time with no cares, whether alone or with friends. The Frauscher team knows this because that is exactly what they develop and build boats for. When it comes to service, refitting or repairs, it’s good to know where you can go for reliable and professional servicing, refitting or repairs. One of the main promises of the Frauscher team is that you have many years of enjoyment with your boat.

FInd a selection of our favourite Faucher boats below – for their complete range, please visit their website.



While most Ghosts stay invisible the new Frauscher 1212 Ghost enthuses with an evolution of the Frauscher design language that is both bold and beautiful. Along with other Frauscher models the 1212 Ghost features distinctive elements like the huge teak deck, frameless and tinted windscreen as well a straight bow design – for a maximum of space and comfort. The side air intakes – first featured on the 747 Mirage and then on the 1414 Demon – are further developed and give the side profile a very distinctive look. The back features a swooping design framing the generous teak bathing platform in spectacular fashion.

1414 Demon

ARE YOU READY FOR YOUR DEMON? The Frauscher 1414 Demon raises the Frauscher feeling to the next level!

An extraordinary 46 foot offshorer that completes the unique Frauscher design with a perfect living space for a weekend trip. The 1414 Demon combines the key Frauscher design DNA: flat bow with vertical stem, tinted and frameless windshield, air inlets in carbon; with a unique sporty feeling at the helm for a boat of that size.


The award-winning Gentlemen´s racer 1017 GT is the core of the Frauscher brand and offers everything that is required for a full day of fun on the water: style, performance, durability and ease of use.



The Frauscher x Porsche 850 Fantom Air is based on the Frauscher 858 Fantom Air daycruiser, whose 8.67-metre long and 2.49-metre wide hull it is taking over practically unchanged. Porsche has optimised and further developed its drive technology designed for road vehicles for use on the water. 

Along with the drive technology, aspects of the project also bear the design signature of Porsche. The Studio F.A. Porsche is responsible for the design of the helmstand, within which context it is also creating the steering wheel and the main console with throttle and integrated displays.

Frauscher Service Mallorca

The Frauscher Service Mallorca team is there for you to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience on the water. 

From cleaning and care, to servicing and custom installations or modifications. A team that is also there for you in case of an electrical or mechanical defect. Winter storage? Of course, because the Frauscher Service Team in Mallorca offers a worry-free bundle that includes everything!


Apartments and Villas for sale with moorings

As property specialists in Palma and the Southwest of Mallorca, there are numerous properties available some including their own berths, others nearby and overlooking the most exclusive marinas. With a harbour in almost every town, we will be glad to advise you on properties near the marina.

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Contact Us

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