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Hiking in Mallorca

Swap a day at the pool of your Mallorca property with hiking boots and backpack.

You'll be impressed by what a different face of the island you'll see. We present you our three favorite routes.

Mallorca is the ideal hiking destination and more and more locals as well as visitors discover the attraction of movement in untouched nature. Pleasant temperatures, varied landscapes and a high mountain range that has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site make the island the perfect base for high-altitude tours with breathtaking sea views, leisurely walks through orange groves and summit climbs.

Our favorite is the Sierra de Tramuntana. The rugged landscape of the Tramuntana, with 54 peaks over 1,000 meters high, is largely untouched, crisscrossed only by numerous hiking trails and a narrow coastal road. Picturesque mountain villages in front of breathtaking cliffs, deep blue sea and wild goats offer material for an incomparable day in nature. But also a walk through blossoming orange groves or especially in winter a stroll along the beach are at the top of the list.

Photos by David Vives & Alena Vavrdova

From Puerto de Andratx to Sant Elm

The tour from the fashionable marina Puerto de Andratx with its chic real estate to the quaint fishing village of Sant Elm offers spectacular sea views all the way across to Ibiza in good weather. You can return by speedtour (in summer), bus or on foot along the same route.

The entrance is at the Hotel Mont Port where an asphalt road leads up in serpentines. Then the forest path starts and it goes steadily uphill, with the radio tower in the distance as the destination. A few meters after the radio tower, stone pyramids point the trail to the right, which leads to a pass. The highest point of the tour is now reached and Sant Elm and the island of Dragonera lie at the hiker's feet.

The sleeping dragon, as the uninhabited nature reserve island Sa Dragonera with its numerous lizards and three lighthouses is called. The descent is initially along a narrow path that leads to a wider path, which you follow to the left. Now, at major turnings, the path always goes to the right, stone pyramids point the way downhill to Sant Elm, with its fine sandy beach and restaurants right by the sea.

  • Distance: 9 km
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Difficulty: medium

Tip: The restaurant Vistamar serves excellent paella - the perfect ending.

An easy hike in the orange valley

On this easy hike you can experience Mallorca up close; smell, touch and taste lemon. The tour is also suitable for families. Start in Soller, the main town in the Orange Valley and home of the popular railroad. Through the small shopping street with lovboll renovated town houses you get to the traditional olive mill Can Det and further to the romantic village of Biniaraix, in the midst of fragrant orange groves. At the old washing place, a hiking sign leads uphill in the direction of Fornalutx. The road winds in switchbacks through olive groves and offers views of the Puig Major, at 1,445 meters the highest peak in Mallorca. Look backward and see the orange valley and the distinctive silhouette of the church of Soller and soon strike the descent to Fornalutx. Fornalutx is one of the most beautiful villages in Spain and during a snack in the marketplace you will soon know why: beautiful fincas and village houses, lovingly decorated, make up the village. Through narrow alleys decorated with flowers you return to Soller on the opposite side of the mountain.

  • Distance: 11 km
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Difficulty: easy, mostly paved secondary roads.

Tip: A visit to the Ecovinyassa in Soller, where you can learn everything about citrus fruits on an "orange trail", fresh orange juice included. In the oil mill Can Det the millstones run from November. Then is olive harvest.

The monasteries of Randa

Between Llucmajor and Algaida lies the monastery mountain "Puig de Randa", next to the monastery of Lluc the second most important pilgrimage site on Mallorca. Two monasteries cling to the slopes of the mountain, which is just over 500 meters high, like swallows' nests; the third is located directly on the summit and offers probably the most spectacular panoramic view of the entire island.

The six-kilometer-long serpentine road from the tranquil mountain village of Randa to the summit is very popular with cyclists. But the "ascent" of the monastery mountain is also fun on foot, has something spiritual and requires only a basic level of fitness.

Parking is in Randa, opposite the church. Only a few meters after leaving the village, a trail leads right into the bushes and parallel to the road along a dry river always upwards.

A first detour leads to the Santuari de Nostra Senyora de Gracía. It nestles, like a swallow's nest, against the steep face. The sanctuary can be visited. A restaurant provides refreshment.

Back on the main road, the trail on the right leads up to the second monastery, a hermitage that is not completely open to the public. Only the small church can be visited. Outside is a picnic area and plenty of shade with views of the south coast. Continue back to the main road and always follow the stone pyramids marking trails next to the road. The shortcut is worth it, you save turns. The third monastery, Santuari de Nostra Senyora de Cura, is the lookout magnet with museum, hostel and restaurant. Mallorca lies at your feet, the view sweeps from the peaks of the Tramuntana over Palma, Es Trenc and Alcudia. The way back is the same.

  • Distance: 6,7 Km (up / down)
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Difficulty: Easy, basic condition required

Tip: for a stop after the hike in Randa: Celler Bar Randa, right next to the church. Here you can get real Mallorcan home cooking at fair prices.

Are you longing for hiking?

With your own property in Mallorca you are always close to the most beautiful routes of the island. We are glad to advise you on fincas in Soller, villas in Andratx, apartments by the sea or your dream property directly at the entrance to the most beautiful hiking routes on Mallorca.

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