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Mallorca delicacies

Fresh food on the table - Where to buy the local delicacies of Mallorca

If you want to fulfil your dream of living and owning your own property in Mallorca, you can't miss out on the local specialities. The island is rich in its own products, every season brings different delicacies and living with the seasons also means variety on the menu.

But when do you buy what and where? What should you not miss as a newcomer to Mallorca? We give you a brief overview.

Weekly markets and market halls

The locals buy fresh fruit and vegetables at the weekly markets or in the market halls of Palma. Weekly markets can be found in almost every town on Mallorca. The stalls are usually set up around 9 am and taken down again at 2 pm.

The two market halls Mercat de Olivar and Santa Catalina are the places to go in Palma to stock up on fresh food. They are open all day.

Our tip: The grocery chain Agromart with branches all over the island also offers everything the island has to offer: Vegetables, flour, milk, wine, etc.

Catch of the day, fresh from the boat

Some places like Puerto de Andratx have their own fishing fleet and sell the fresh catch directly after it arrives in the harbour. In Puerto de Andratx, fresh fish is available from 5 pm on Mondays to Fridays.

In Palma and Cala Ratjada you can also buy fresh catch at the "Llonjas".

Olive oil straight from the mill

If you don't have your own olive grove, you at least know where to get the liquid gold freshly pressed in late autumn. That's when the oil mills on Mallorca start up and tons of olives are processed.

In the oil mill in Caimari, right at the entrance to the village, you can not only take a look at the production, but also cover your needs right away.

Our tip: The olive festival takes place in the mountain village in mid-November. The village gets all dressed up, musicians perform on the market square and delicacies and handmade products from Mallorca are sold in the alleyways.

Milk and cheese from sun-kissed cows

On the flat land, between the Caribbean beach Es Trenc and Campos, lies the dairy "Formatges Burguera". In the farm shop right next to the open stables, you can buy everything about the milk: fresh, skimmed, processed as cheese, butter and yoghurt. Genuine craftsmanship that you can taste. And usually there's a cheese on top, so you've already got a shopping bag full.

Wineries like sand on the beach

Mallorca has around 70 wineries. Something for every palate. If you buy directly from the wineries or even have your wine bottled in the cellars, you are not buying a pig in a poke. A sip to taste is just as much a part of the experience as preferential prices for self-collectors.

Our tip: In September, Binissalem holds its wine festival. This is when the locals still traditionally stomp the grapes in barrels, celebrate together in the streets and let themselves be sprinkled with the young wine.

Mallorca's cuisine offers so much more than olive oil, fish & co.

Once you have settled here, you will get to know the many little shops selling almonds, mushrooms and cherries, depending on the season. We will be happy to help you find just the right property in Mallorca where you can enjoy cooking with family and friends. Bon profit!

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