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Nature Lovers

If you own a property in Mallorca, you know the secret to the calm and serenity of the Mallorcans.

Their philosophy of life is 'poc a poc', meaning 'bit by bit'. Everything Mallorcans do, they do consciously and with pleasure. For example, they take plenty of time for a good meal, chew slowly and taste the fresh, healthy ingredients. And this is exactly what many Mallorcans look for, because it naturally rebalances the body with a lot of pleasure. Moreover, 'poc a poc' brings back the mindfulness that is often missing in everyday life.

We would like to introduce you to very special places on Mallorca where you can find peace, feel the island and discover a whole new you. Real oases of relaxation far away from mass tourism and yet perhaps very close to your Mallorca property.

Discover secluded bays

The secluded bay of Cala d'Egos, for example, is hidden just a few kilometres from the promenade of fashionable Puerto de Andratx with its chic villas. A serpentine road leads up from the Hotel Mont Port and down on foot to the left over the hilltop towards the sea. Bathers are rewarded for the 20-minute descent with crystal-clear water and a fine pebble beach; alternatively, the bay can be reached by boat.

The west coast offers many other quiet bays, often only accessible on foot.

The sleeping dragon

From the romantic fishing village of Sant Elm, the ferry to the protected island of Dragonera departs several times a day. On the four-kilometre-long, uninhabited Dragon Island, there are interesting hiking routes, numerous plant species and almost hand-tame lizards. Dragonera is a perfect excursion destination that is not overcrowded even in summer. Don't forget provisions and swimming things, as there are no restaurants or catering facilities on this unspoilt island.

Cabrera and the Blue Grotto

Off the south coast of Mallorca lies the island of Cabrera, another jewel for nature lovers. The goat island can be reached by ferry from Colonia Sant Jordi. The many rocky bays protect the natural harbour with its small bar from rough winds, and the fine sandy beach flows gently into the sea. An absolute must is the blue grotto: depending on the swell, most boats sail into the rocky grotto on the return route, where the water turns deep blue thanks to ideal light influences. A jump into the inky water is an indescribable pleasure.

The little sister of Cala Tuent

Instead of the popular Sa Calobra gorge in the northwest of the island, we recommend its little sister Cala Tuent. It is less well known and therefore a lot quieter and is also situated on the impressive Puig Major, the highest mountain on Mallorca. A wonderful hiking trail starts in the small bay to the Mirador de ses Barques, which is worth it just for the view from this lookout tower above Sóller.

The unspoilt mountain village

Few tourists pay attention to the mountain village of Estellencs on the west coast with its beautiful harbour, using it at most as a passageway to better-known places like Valldemossa and Banyalbufar. Yet the village at the foot of the mighty mountain massif has retained much of its character. The Tramuntana mountains feed the village with water and so there is particularly lush vegetation here. The path along the gardens with fig, almond and olive trees into the bay of Cala Estellencs is fantastic.

Are you also looking for a place to come to rest, let your soul dangle and simply enjoy life?

A property in Mallorca is the beginning of a better quality of life and we will be happy to assist you in finding your haven of peace, whether it's a villa with lots of privacy, a secluded finca or a house in the countryside.

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