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Son Vida and Portixol

Palma de Mallorca is one of the most livable cities in the world. And yet not everyone wants to live in the middle of the metropolis.

On the outskirts, close by and still in the heartbeat - that's what buyers want who are looking for a  Mallorca property in the quiet hills of Son Vida or on the lively promenade of Portixol.

Yet the two places could hardly be more different. One is a luxurious urbanisation designed exclusively for stately villas and residences. The other is a finely dressed fishing village with trendy bars and restaurants. Here the hip e-scooter riders, there the golf caddies.

Which place suits you and which property you feel comfortable in - we will help you decide.

Son Vida

3 golf courses, luxury hotels and far-reaching views over the bay of Palma

Even the approach to Son Vida gives an idea that this is a noble villa district. Three golf courses line the access road, a 24/7 security service keeps an eye on passers-by and two luxury hotels are perched on the hills. Son Vida is undoubtedly one of the chicest residential areas on Mallorca, just a 10-minute drive from the city centre and the airport.

The list of those who own property in Son Vida or enjoy swinging a golf club reads like a "Who's Who".

At latest when the Son Vida golf course was opened by Prince Rainer of Monaco himself in 1964, Son Vida is no longer an unknown spot on the map of international high society. The construction of numerous lavish estates around the fairways followed and even today the urbanisation is growing into the mountains. After all, in Son Vida you find what Palma de Mallorca offers less of: Peace and quiet. In an exclusive neighbourhood.

Son VIda Golf


The Venice Beach of Europe

Probably the most beautiful jogging track in Mallorca runs through Portixol: From Palma's western harbour to Can Pastilla, the sea promenade is jogged, pedalled and cycled almost around the clock. The trendy nightlife district, directly connected to the island metropolis, has experienced an incomparable boom in recent years. Still a fishing village in the 80s, Portixol can now be compared to the legendary Venice Beach. It was international hipsters of all ages who made Portixol what it is now: cult, real estate in the luxury segment and the charm of a fishing village. Nothing is built up to the heights, the typical llauts (boats) bob around in the harbour and fresh catch still comes straight to the table in the numerous restaurants.

A property in Portixol is just right for you if you are looking for proximity to Palma de Mallorca and the airport, want to live in a well-kept multi-culti environment and particularly enjoy the Campari Spritz with a view of the lively waterfront.

Hotel Portixol

Are you more hip or chic? Or both? We will be glad to advise you on properties in Portixol and Son Vida. Because we love the heartbeat of both places.

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