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Our favourite spots for breakfast in Mallorca

Living in Mallorca, owning a property on the sunny island, means adapting to the local lifestyle. Even you don't have to go along with everything, many things are so wonderfully reminiscent of holidays. Of times when you visited Mallorca as a guest, had to say adios after a few days and flew back home. Until next year.

So it's even nicer to be able to start the day in a Mediterranean way every day...

But what does Mediterranean breakfast means and how to start the day like a local? To be honest, Spaniards are not real breakfast fans. That's probably because dinner is eaten late. A cafe con leche in a bar, quickly emptied at the desk, accompanied by a croissant and that's it.

But we love breakfast. Being served in such a wonderfully relaxed way, biting heartily into home-baked delicicies and enjoying freshly squeezed orange juice. Yes, that's our idea of a perfect breakfast on Mallorca.

And our favourite breakfast spots are as varied as Mallorca itself: with view over Palma, right by the sea or in a little old town alley. The main thing is to get that real Mallorca feeling.

Puro Beach Club

Palma de Mallorca

The Morning Experience at the Puro Beach Club in Palma de Mallorca, located on a headland by the sea, is healthy and varied. Our tip: Take a yoga class before breakfast and then relax by the pool.


Hotel Hospes Maricel & Spa


A course meal in the evening - Anyone can do that. At Hotel Maricel Mallorca, it starts in the morning. Healthy detox smoothies are followed by home-baked ensaimada, caramelised Mahon cheese, langustinos in coconut sauce, etc.

Enjoyed on the terrace with sea view. Anything else you need? Yes, time! You should plan at least 3 hours for this luxury breakfast.



Puerto Portals

See and be seen. That's the motto in the chic harbour of Puerto Portals. And if you're a serious insider, you do admire the luxury yachts from Cafe Cappuccino. Homemade cake, freshly squeezed orange juice and a latte macchiato - that's the chic way to have breakfast on Mallorca.


Panaderia Ca'n Molinos


Fresh mountain air perks you up. So, go to the Tramuntana mountains even before the tourists stream through the popular village of Valldemossa.

Since 1920, the traditional bakery Ca'n Molinas has been baking the typical coca de patata, a not-so-sweet pastry made of potato dough. In the patio with orange trees, you look out over the carthouse and feast on the generous selection of cakes.

Our tip: The Gato Mallorquin - almond cake - is also a delight and should not be missed on Mallorca.


Schwarzwald Cafe


Paguera is home to a real gem for cake fans. Everything homemade. Incredibly delicious. And different every day. In addition to the traditional German Black Forest cake, there are strawberry tarts, quark cream slices and many other little sins in the showcase of the family owned cafe by the beach.

Our tip: Order a cake, take it home and enjoy breakfast on your own terrace. That's what a Mallorcan home is for.


Mallorca offers so many small bakeries, hotels with sumptuous breakfast buffets available to non-hotel guests too, and numerous bistros specialising in healthy eating.

Once you have found your property in Mallorca and a second home, go on search for your favourite breakfast spot! We're sure you will find it quickly.

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